OneWave is a non-profit surf community raising awareness of mental health with a simple recipe...saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. OneWave believes that everyone should have the chance to ride waves and openly talk about mental health without being judged.

In just six years, OneWave has created a global impact, raising awareness and reducing social stigmas around mental health issues through their Fluro Friday Sessions. Fluro Friday's started at Bondi Beach in 2013 and consist of surfing, free yoga and a “anti-bad vibes circle” allowing people to share stories in a safer environment. Wearing bright colours makes people happy and help start conversations about an invisible issue.

Fluro Friday's have since gone viral, with sessions held at more than 200 beaches globally, from New Zealand to Norway. In 2018 the OneWave community attracted global media attention when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan joined the anti-bad vibe circle wearing colourful leis for Fluro Friday at Bondi Beach.



After years of battling with mental health challenges, without seeking treatment OneWave Founder Grant Trebilco was hospitalized in 2012 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a manic episode. The ocean, surfing and good people were Grant’s saviour during tough times when he was released from hospital. Grant has surfed most of his life, but it was during the six months recovering in New Zealand he really discovered that sometimes one wave is all it takes.

After hiding mental health challenges for years, he decided enough was enough, it was time to start talking and sharing his experience to try and help others. “Maybe if I share the simple recipe of saltwater therapy, surfing and it’s ok not to be ok, I can prevent people from ever feeling the way I did”. So one Friday morning he decided to dress up in a shirt and tie and go surfing solo at Bondi to try and spark conversations about mental health. That was OneWave’s first Fluro Friday, which have now taken place at over 200 beaches Worldwide.


Grant was lucky enough to meet one of the best humans going Sam Schumacher and they have been working on OneWave together since it was created by Grant in 2013. Sam and Grant became mates over a shared love of surfing and giving people in a funk the chance to experience how good it feels to catch a wave. Sam is not your typical surfing instructor in fact he has graduated as an aero-space engineer, however this was overpowered by the pull of helping other people enjoy the ocean and surf board riding.