The OneWave Free the Funk School Experience aims to help 14-18 year olds understand that it's ok not to be ok and encourages youth to use surfing and fluro as a way to free the funk. 

We present at the school assembly where we share the OneWave story, build awareness of mental health and we can also incorporate mindfulness activities. 

We encourage students to wear fluro to encourage conversations about mental health.

Programs can run from 15 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the goals of the school.

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OneWave School Experience Testimonial

"Instantly Grant captured the full attention of the boys who were blown away by his honesty and passion for letting the boys know that their Mental Health matters and it was ok to talk about it. Since Grant’s speech the students have felt more comfortable talking about their Mental Health, it has made our community stronger and we thank Grant for his support."

Ms Kelly Grlyak - School  Counsellor/Phychologist, St Pauls Catholic College