Surfing has, and always will be a way for me to escape. To connect with nature. To have a good time. ::By Roisin Carolan


Roisin Carolan launched Fluro Friday in Byron Bay, on her own in a fluro orange dress. Here is the legends inspirational story about why she is so passionate about surfing and mental health... One day I stumbled upon One Wave on Instagram. Seeing photos of Fluro Friday made me instantly happy. Nothing makes me happier than surfing, especially with friends, and to be dressed up in Fluro... I thought that would make it even better!

With this in mind I wore a Fluro Orange dress the next Friday whilst surfing at Wategos. "Too much partying last night" seemed to be what everyone thought, but I soon explained to everyone in the surf what was happening. I started conversations about mental illness.

The next week we had a crew of about 30 don the Fluro for the early at Wategos. We went on the radio and we even had a Fluro session at Greenmount. It was awesome.

We have Fluro Fridays in Byron Bay about once a month. I also love Fluro surfing at Snapper! When I go away it's awesome to introduce Fluro Friday to new places. Like last year me and a couple of friends got Fluro with Pango village in Vanuatu. It was awesome. And whenever I'm in Sydney it's so nice to catch up with my Fluro homies from Bondi and Manly as well. I think it's amazing to be able to do this at so many places, people connecting, raising awareness for mental health and having a really good time along the way. It's so nice to know there are people out there ready to help if you're going through a funk.

One Wave recognise surfing as having a positive effect not only on your physical health but on your mental health. To me there is nothing more therapeutic than surfing. My funnest surfs of the year have not been in pumping surf, with no one else out, instead they have been in average conditions, with many not so average surfers, Fluro surfers.

Every wave is a party wave, weather you're riding a board, a blow up pool or even just body surfing, as long as you're having fun! Fluro yoga is also very much a thing if you haven't heard

The stats on mental illness suck. Mental illness is real. Suicide is real. We need to talk about this so we stop losing legends. If you can, get down to your nearest Fluro Friday, have a surf, a yoga sesh or a frolick, or whatever you want! If not start your own like me! Trust me, it is so amazing to be a part of this initiative. No one is immune to Mental illness, it doesn't discriminate, so neither should we. Embrace your inner Fluro, go for a surf and start a conversation. It's ok not to be ok, and you never know by dressing up in Fluro you could be saving someone, or yourself. The people you meet along the way are some of the best!

I'm so excited for the future of One Wave. I think as a community we can really start change. A revolution. A Fluro revolution.

Happy Fluro Friday legends! Keep up the good vibes xxxx

THANK YOU for sharing the love Roisin, you amazing human! Big love from all of the OneWave Community. Lets get waves soon. Yew!